TOJET - Volume 21 - Issue 2 - April - 2022





A Research on Technology Management and its Applications in Schools in the Pandemic Period

Zuhal İNCE                                            

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Developing a Series of Scales for Generations' Values in the Age of New Media: Validity and Reliability Study of Uskudar XYZ Generation Differences Scale

Nevzat TARHAN   Aylin TUTGUN UNAL                                        

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Getting Students Engaged in On-Line Learning

Jana PASÁČKOVÁ                                            

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Investigation of the Relationship Between the Attitudes of Physical Education and Sports Teacher Candidates towards E-Learning in Sports and Academic Success in the Distance Education Process

Tugba MUTLU BOZKURT   Ramazan ERDOGAN                                        

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Opinions of Music Teacher Candidates on Determining the Suitability of the Distance Education Model for the Voice Education Course

Tülay EKİCİ                                            

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Teachers’ Perception of Emergency Remote Learning in Portugal During Covid-19 Pandemic

Sara CRUZ   Marco BENTO   José Miguel SACRAMENTO   José Alberto LENCASTRE                                

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The Effects of Gamification Instruction on the Roles of Perceived Ease of Learning, Enjoyment, and Useful Knowledge toward Learning Attitude

Jonathan LIN                                            

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