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Dear Colleagues,


Welcome to TOJET. Assessment, attitudes, beliefs, curriculum, equity, research, putting research into practice, learning theory, alternative conceptions, socio-cultural issues, special populations, and subject integration are some of the topics that TOJET searches for in academic articles on the topic of educational technology.  The articles ought to go over the viewpoints of the communities, teachers, administrators, and pupils.  The growth of both theory and practice in educational technology is aided by TOJET. TOJET welcomes papers with strong academic foundations, timely articles, and case studies that advance the field of study in educational technology.


The goal of TOJET is to aid in the better understanding of how to use technology for learning and teaching tasks by students, teachers, school administrators, and communities.  The articles should be unique, unpublished, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. It offers viewpoints on issues important to the investigation, application, and administration of technologically enhanced learning. 


To facilitate knowledge exchange among researchers, innovators, practitioners, and administrators of education, this publication was founded in October 2002. We are thrilled that since 2002, TOJET's 22 issues and 88 volumes have been viewed by more than 706,000 scholars, practitioners, administrators, educators, teachers, parents, and students worldwide.  Around the globe, TOJET has effectively disseminated innovations in educational technology.  Our hope is that this volume 23 issue 2 will also be a success in achieving our objective of world education. The editorial staff of this edition is thanked by TOJET. 


TOJET, Sakarya University, and Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa will organize International Educational Technology Conference IETC 2023 at İstanbul, Bahçeşehir University in September and INTE 2023 at Rome, Italy.


April 01, 2023


Prof. Dr. Aytekin İŞMAN
Sakarya University