Training Pre-Service English Language Teachers with 3-D Machinima



Training foreign language teachers for 21st century requires the consideration of digital skills as well as the change of focus from more structural foreign language instruction to more discourse oriented foreign language instruction. In this context, pre-service language teachers need to learn language teaching methodology and instructional technologies likewise. Thus, when those pre-service language teachers start their careers in classrooms, they could function effectively and could bring diversity for their learners. In this study, the aim is to introduce pre-service language teachers with 3D Virtual Learning Environments where they can produce their 3D digital narratives that could also be labeled as Machinima. Some 89 prospective teachers attended the activities around this study, who were later evaluated by triangulated data collection methods of both quantitative and qualitative nature, such as reflective essays, questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. Those teachers mainly reported positive experience views with the end-product machinima like having learnt another perspective for language instruction, gaining self confidence for their prospective job, learning about a useful tool which they can utilize as a compensation in their teaching. However, they also reported some problems like technical issues that hindered the production of their group machinima.