Student and Instructor Responses to Emotional Motivational Feedback Messages in an Online Instructional Environment



The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of Emotional Motivational Feedback Message (EMFEM) in an online learning environment. This exploratory research was conducted using mixed method single case study design. Participants were 15 undergraduate students enrolled in an instructional technology course in a large state university located in an urban region in the southeastern part of the United States during Fall 2013. Multiple data collection strategies were employed in this study such as a course interest survey, IT attitudes survey, open-ended questionnaires, research journals, forum/discussion postings, emails, reflection papers and warm-up surveys. The findings showed EMFEM helped to increase and maintain students’ motivation. Students liked the EMFEM and the style of the instructor’s teaching by giving emotional motivational feedback. Students had a closer and friendlier relationship with the instructor; they also started to use more emotional content themselves.